Project Likkutei Torah 3-Year Cycle תו"א/לקו"ת
Project Likkutei Torah 3-Year Cycle תו"א/לקו"ת


Join us as we complete the entire Torah Ohr and Likkutei Torah of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, aka the Ba'al HaTanya in just 3 years.

Affectionately referred to by many as "The Chassidishe Parsha", these discourses allow one to get a fundamental grasp on the entirety of Chabad Chassidic thought that pertains to any given Parsha, Holiday, or Shir HaShirim. Rabbi Avraham Katz brilliantly divides the entire work so that each week one is able to learn at least one discourse that relates to the weekly parsha or proximate holiday, while at the same time completing the entire Likkutei Torah on Shir HaShirim.

The classes are taught by esteemed Rabbis Nissan Dovid Dubov and Chaim Wolosow, clearly reading the Hebrew text following the English translation phrase by phrase, allowing the listener to follow along in the original text if they would like.

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